Saturday, 27 November 2010

..end of year blues..

...I have slowed down on blogging lately....I could feel the lethargy seeping in, much against myself....there is something niggling at the back of mind which I just could not put my finger to...calls from my ex does not help much..or calls to my children..maybe it is this time of the year..and a receding year has a way of putting you into doldrums..for you tend  to measure yourself against the year before..and the years before...and realised that as the years piled up, there isn't much that you have achieved..intellectually speaking, that is....about the most positive thing that I have done was when I quit smoking 6 years ago..other than that I could see that my horizon has not widened much..

..maybe it is the weather..they say negative ions after rain should give you a lift..maybe I need to lift my face..but, no..I have come to terms with aging....

..I think it was watching Paul Anka singing with his daughter, Anthea, that did it..I used to Youtubed him for the nostalgia...remembering the pangs of unrequited puppy loves with the likes of 'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' and 'Lonely Boy'..but watching him sing 'Yo Te Amo' Do I Love You stirred strange and unfathomable emotions in this old coot....

.,.with a brand new year looming, I am missing my past..

..happy year end holidays everyone..perchance we are there together as the new year comes in, as surely it's an early Happy New Year wish from goes on surely it must..take this time to  kiss that flower..plant a tree..hug your love ones..forgive a something crazy..and tell that  someone..'I love you...'


sistemannissa said...

As Salam Pakmat
You may not know me and that's okay, but I have seen your name crop up in facebook every once in a while and I do follow your blog sometimes, which I find pleasing. Incidentally, and ironically I decided to click on the title of your post in a blogroll somewhere. Ironic because I had been working on a new post for my blog, something about "happiness"..or what I perceive of it. I am compelled to comment here, I do hope you don't mind, with the hope of shedding some melancholy surrounding you. I honestly don't have any idea what I could say that would do just that, but one thing for sure, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Tatak,
I can understand how you feel as I had gone through the same phase of lethargy. We need to take a break sometimes and after the break we will come back fully charged up.

Wan Sharif said...

My prayer that you will be better soon no matter what.. need some change of air, probably..

Nur Misnan said...

salam dear Pak mat
pergilah bercuti..
relaxkan diri..
jangan selalu termenung..
nanti ada orang temankan

take care pak mat
senyum2 dan gembira selalu

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Only you can decide what's best for you, with Allah's blessings. The cats will forever make du'a and wish you all the best. purrr....meow!

ismi said...

lethargy..i feel it too :) and i m considered young..
do something crazy..any suggestions :)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pakmat,

It's a bit like that some days huh? Looking back seems to be a preoccupation when one reached a certain age, but it's all good, we're all blessed in our own separate way of which we must be thankful for. God blessed!

"People do not grow old; when they cease to grow, they become old."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

mamadou said...

Assalamualaum Pak Mat.

Saya fikir cuaca ada kesannya. Saya kurang selesa kalau hujan. Kena pakai stokin, panaskan kaki....kalau tidak lembik jadinya.
Jaga kesihatan Pak Mat, banyak kan rehat ya....Mungkin Pak Mat agak kelamaan didepan komputer, letih duduk.....

Moga kesihatan sedia kembali seperti sediakala.

Terima kasih

School Of Tots said...

Break from the routine. Total submission to God.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Mat,

Wishing you'll overcome the blues... let's have tea sometime.

Red Alfa said...

Salam Pakmat

It's going to be a new year already?!

Looking at my diary, loads and lots of empty pages!... weren't I supposed to be smelling the roses along the way?

Happened to look at the wife's blogg .... I remember having decided early in the year I would get re-started with mine!

So, pakmat, you are agonising a lost year?

Not quite, surely. Yours have been good many contributions with your many memories/insights you have shared with us in your bloggs.

Please do keep at it .... your next year will always be quite the something we would want to be following!

pakmat said...

salam,we do not know each other..but, as you said, its ok..:)..sometimes its better to remain strangers in the real world and friends in most of my friends are..:) so it does not matter, really..and thanks..for the prayers and thoughts..and I do have high regard of Abang Mat Cendana, as you called him..and I wished I can write as incisive as, lady, cheers..and take care..for we have another year coming..

salam Pak Zawi..agreed..I need a break from this monotony..have to wait until daughter Auji gets thro her SPM..and,hey, maybe draw that rain check with you in Pasir Mas..hehehe..

salam Wan..a change of air and a change of water..:) I need to go the the hills again..and be nearer the stars..

pakmat said...

..alaihai, nur..sekarang dah ada kera dan kucing-kucing..tak leh tinggal lama-lama..jdbb, nur..c u in Bachok one day, soon..

salam cats..yes, the cats and Ke-Ra, dont know that I just had a per monkey?..will blog about it later..

hi, ismi..not too crazy about walking bare-foot in the mall?

pakmat said...

salam, now you go all philosophical and draw a smile from pakmat..but that is an apt quote..and I am growing...I am growing..

salam mamadou..dari Mali..apa khabar..benar kata tuan..cuaca ada kaitannya..harap tuan jua sihat dan ceria..

salam is always total..our submission to the Lord..but I do need a break..:)

pakmat said...

salam oldstock..lets have tea..tarik and in pantai Irama..that will be great..

salam red year may be -2centigrade in London, but in Bachok it is almost christmas..but you wife is talking about oils and this coot is wishing he strike oil..and lamenting another year gone and not much to show for it..oh well..there are just as many empty pages in my year as there are inyour diary..:)here's hoping I can make that journey next year..cheers, red..

Anonymous said...

pak mat, wishing u well

pakmat said...

..thank you, anon..same to you.,.cheers..and take care..