Thursday, 11 November 2010

..age and weights..

..I have gained some weight lately..5 kilos..not since my polygamous days have I put on so much...polygamy kept me trim and slim..and lithe...all those running around burnt those girth has increased, too,  by an inch..from a constant 29 inches to 30..the missus likes some extra flesh to hold and hug, she says..

..retirement, monogamy and blogging must have agreed with 60 kilos against her 70..pushing past 50, she needs to go on a diet..but there was a time when she was rake-thin..that was when she discovered that I had taken on another wife in the city of KL, a girl of 26 whom I had married at final fling, and last attempt, at keeping growing old at bay.. does not work, of course..but the wife revolted  when she found out..having married a married man herself, she could say much she did not say much now..but she lost weight through self-suppression of her inner revolt..there were no flying pans and shrieks and shamans and no bomohs..just tears that flowed silently as she prayed her five times a day solat...tears that fell in the silent of the night as she prayed a few hours before dawn..I used to watch her through the half-light of a waning moon that caressed and enveloped her..a figure in white, almost ghostly as the moon streamed its light through the translucent window...

..but the next morning, I would just packed by travelling bag with a few clothes and left for KL..invariably, she would be in the the kitchen door, watching me go... dulu, cik....the driver would say..she would try to muster a smile..not quite looking at him, as we drove past..


Grandpa said...

Salam bangmat, 29 to 30 is not bad at all...My waist is increasing steadily lately despite much physical activities. I attribute that to too much eating and blogging, my new-found passion

sally said...


ermmm..increasing waist line, isn't it a symbol prosperity they say?

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
If you dare tell any lady that they key to losing weight is polygamy, what would she do to you? har har har...purrr...meow!

Ozz said...

Dear PakMat,
Clearly "banyak makan hati" will make the body slimmer.

June Malik said...

makan hati memang senang kurus!

pakmat said...

salam gramps..have to watch your that you r always at your kebun..

salam teacher sally..if only..if only..but my waist does not increase in tandem with prosperity..

hi CiS..scratch my face with her claws?..

salam ozz..makan hati berulam jantong..:)

salam comment lady..:)