Sunday, 30 May 2010

..mi rhythm..

.it is one of the frailness of ordinary mortals that we are unable to see the future.. not even Nostradamus...

..back then, footloose and fancy free, even though marriage was a possibility, I did not see myself as a polygamist..I thought I would in all probability marry the girl of my dream, have kids, a house, a car, some cats and just whither, grow old and fade into the a young man of 25 pushing 26 enjoying his time in Kota Bharu, you do not think of the just let it comes to you..but the future has a way of winding along its own course..

..and for the boys of the band Suara Kilat, as well as the patrons of the several nightclubs that dotted the low night skyline of Kota Bharu,  from Prince to Suria,  the beat goes on...kept lively and vibrant by them...moonlighting as musicians by night and working as daily rated staff of the then LLN by music were provided by them and several  members of RTM, Kota Bharu..a buddy to all of them, pakmat enjoyed easy access to all those places, with the boys sometimes signalling my presence by playing 'La Virgen De La Macarena' on the guitar to a cha-cha beat... gaining a reputation as a night-stalker and a 'kaki tino' (Kelantan speak for a womaniser), it did not helped at all with his endeavours with Audrey..yes, he was guilty to most of the charges..but there were several things he managed to the big city of KL or in KB...drugs, drink and sex with sex-workers..then marijuana was only 50 cents a stick..I could not make myself to like the taste of beer or the effects of ganja..and I could not make it with the girls of the night..that lil appendage would not listen to my command..I think at 26 I was just a guy who loved to have fun...and the company of girls. a lil bit blue, yes..but not yellow..and I loved the beat of cha cha cha...

..but try telling that to her mother..


sot said...

A guy who wanna have fun indeed. No worries no vision no nothing. Live by the day. Stalker by the night. Yap I like that once.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Woohoo! You were indeed painting the town red, eh? What a reputation you must have. thinking James Dean's Rebel Without A Cause a la KB... purrr meow!

Wan Sharif said...

Dear PM,
Tread carefully now, there are things that only you and Allah knows.. things that you share with Him.. and things that there is no need for the world to know.. Kalau things tu tak berapa comel mungkin taubat anda telah di terima.. tak comel lah kalau telah dimaafkan masih lagi nak bercerita ..dok gitu.
What I do not know.. I can always berbaik sangka.. Please take care not to let the cats out of the bags..
Those were the days..
Now dah sober sikit..
dah sedar sikit..
dah comel danyak.. he, he

pakmat said...

..salam sot..I supposed we all have our stromy days..:) dear cat..just a rebel..but only for a short while..hehe..

pakmat said...

salam Wan Sharif..thank you..your warning is timely and correct..I know I am treading on dngerous waters..I am, definitely, not going to bare all..:)..certain things are best left story is more on kotabharu in the early days than my own story..thank you, wan..owe you one..cheers..

Andrea Wh@tever said...

I loike.. just the kind of guy every Mother dreads but every young chick gets tickled with *LOL* And pray tell, did you have that comb in your back pocket?

pakmat said...

..but, of course, lady, but, of course..a comb and a spray..only thing is, nitty-brain turned me off..and those with wit and intelligence did not give me the time of day..:)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Pakmat, true lah what 1Sheriff said, something r better left unsaid, that explained why I don’t blog…muahaha..good excuse horrr!

I remembered those days;

Let It Be

Then again u got ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ & ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ too to turn to, bad influence tho! :))

Anyway u can still write your adventure stories in a respectable way like Harold Robbins did.


P/S - Oh Ms Andrea, FYI, in PM days, like all humsup lo they carried the mother of all hair gel, the good old ‘Tancho’ grease stick, so u don’t actually need a comb mah…kekeke

kyora said...

Salam Pak Mat,

I enjoyed your post and your blog, interesting and inspiring :)

pakmat said...

..hi,tommy..looking back, I think I was quite a good kid..considering what was available around me..:)..I dont do drugs, drink or patronise those ladies of the night...nombor ada le sikit-sikit..rm1 to rm2 a time..but rarely..unless got pointers from wet dreams..hahaha..if friends asked me to join them for a round of bets are no more than a dollar..sheesh,,a clerk starting pay is rm137.50 a month..can't be joli, man..

pakmat said...

..salam kyora..thank you..and you r welcome, do come again..cheers and take care..

mamadou said...

Assalmualaikum Pak Mat

Looking back always full with good memories. The good the bad of old days always remain