Wednesday, 19 May 2010

..the return..and the first touch.. was, by any standard, a tumultous courtship..we met almost immediately after I plonked my suitcase on the stairs of my mother's was heavy with books, with  some clothings pressed within it..she was there about some dresses, ( late mother was a seamstress..)

..she flashed me a smile..and I just stood there at the bottom of the stairs, taking in her smile and laughing eyes..
'Mamat,' said my mother, from her Singer, set facing  a window, by way of an introduction, 'From KL. My son.' ..yeah, I remembered thinking, your  prodigal son..

..used to the ways of the city, I extended my hand, 'Hi.' ..she took my hand as my mother pedalled on her sewing machine..she asked appropriate questions..I answered appropriate answers..without realising it, we slipped into English..hmm..I thought, an English speaking damsel in Kota Bharu..not bad..

..only later  was I to know that she was a teacher, a  distant relative and single..and have 'captains and officers     among her suitors' as my mother emphatically told me..and I smiled at my mother..Kota Bharu was out there, waiting for me...and since when did I let a little bit of rank and position fazed me?..


NanaDJ said...

Saudara Mat,
I await with bated breath. What happen next? Macam soap opera pula!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
You sound just like a young Somerset Maugham or is it Hemingway? hmmmm.... purrr....meow!

hazeleyed lady said...

Ass-salam pakmat
...anxiously waiting for your next N3...hahaha!

Andrea Wh@tever said...
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Andrea Wh@tever said...

Hello, Pak Mat.. is that all? *ish* C'mon spill all the juicy parts. Quick!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Pakmat, “faii tikk horr, your ladies followers r getting restless. And yet they’ll complain if u rush & make this noise and then it’s all over ;) They r oso angry that we never take the time to make them scream…..hahaha. Like that how can, Men can never win wan leh.

Steady old coot, take your time & let me provide the sound track to each episode to your story, tapi jangan lu bikin panjang2 macam ‘The Days of our Lives’. ok?;

The First Time Ever I Saw your Face



June Malik said...

cepat lah pak mat .. nak tau lagi

lch said... is in the air. waiting anxiously for the next espisode

pakmat said...

..Dear NanaDJ..and that's is the story of my a soap-opera..:)and I do not know what it is that I have started..I think it was Lady Kama..her nostalgic binge set me back to my dancing days..all those chinese songs..sheesh..:)

mydear must be Hemingway, considering how earnest I was as a youth..:)

aiya, Hazel..I do not know whether I can keep it up..:)

pakmat said...

hi, andrea..I still do not know what it is that I hve started..or how to end it..lets see..:)

hi,, men can never win..but at my age, losing itself is a victory..and thank you for the post will have a soundtrack..should have thought of that about being senile..:)but you take care, u hear?

pakmat said...

..hi, Jun..but in most things marathon, I am a virgin..and this is not gonna be a marathon story..cheers..

hi, lch..welcome to an old man's blog..not much I can gleaned about you from you personal details..:) cheers..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Maaf Pakmat, sad to say Ronnie James Dio had finally gone to his;

Temple of the King

Yes, he was one of the all time great!

pakmat said...

..may he rest in peace, tommy..but his temple was staple for kaeroke kakis like me those days..

rizal hashim said...

i remember your earlier posting, marrying an english teacher...hehehehehe

oh distant relative rupanya...

i like the part, since when did i let a little bit of rank and position fazed me...brash and brave...heheheh

Anonymous said...

Too many politic blogs, so your blog is a good change. I like to read about other people's life. But many are egoistic or so boring. Your stories are interesting, and told with honesty.

Another blog I like is Cendana, about drug addiction. I had thought he was writing about other people. Surprised it is himself who was addicted! He writes very well and the stories are moving. In the same post, there are serious things, sadness and mixed with the funny. Sometimes I am almost in tears reading the post.

To Pak Mat, I hope you continue writing, and Cendana with his blog too. The posts are often more interesting to read than the newspaper and magazine!

pakmat said...

..hi, lc..brash and brave..and a lil bit cocky..sometimes too cocky for my own good..

..hi. anon..cendana is a class of his awang goneng..thank you for the compliments..cheers