Friday, 25 March 2011's reflections..

..Pantai Irama..I love this part of the beach..something about
the soft sand, the lapping waves and the gentle feel
at one with mother you give your thanks to Him...

..the moon setting..

..Ayam..who has staked a claim on a piece of this coot's heart..

..Gem Resort, second state...I will always be in love
with Trengganu...with its sprawling beaches, over 200 km of them,  places
like Kuala Jengai, Pasir Raja and Tasik Kenyir...Dungun and Jerteh..
keropok lekor and akok manis...

..wife, reading the Book with daughter, Auji..we try to read
a few verses every night..

..Mekbu litter of four..for a blind cat, Mekbu is an exemplary mother..
..she is tender and loving...and caring...for a cat.. 

..niece's daughter, Dayana..infants astound me...I look at them
and see the future that I will not be part of...

..pakmat's first time in a 7 series Beemer...feels like being
in a terrace house with wheels..centre is Tun Rahah's
personal bodyguard..

..picnic with the children and grandchildren..they called their
stepmother Cik Ani..and and pakmat just basked in the warm..

..a slow walk back after the jog..

..listening raptly to the ways of the Haj..hopefully Pakmat
and missus will make it this year...hopefully my appeal
will get the nod from Tabong Haji..

..super moon over Irama's night market..


Oldstock said...

I pray for Pakmat and wife to be able to make it to hajj this year, insyaAllah...

Nur Misnan said...

Salam Pak Mat
sihat? Wahhhh... pegi cuti tak
ajak teman yer.. Syok plak
berjogging di tepian pantai..

love all d kucing2 yang tdo melengkar
so sweet...

pakmat said...

..thank you, oldstock..its difficult to describe the feeling..its like being in love, yet more pain and longing...God willing, oldstock..God willing...

pakmat sihat, nur..:) as I hope you r, too...take care..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pakmak, you will, you will, afterall u r a good guy! Good guys always win in the end & ride into the sunset happy :)) Good luck!

June Malik said...

insyaallah :) and the pictures are all great :)

pakmat said...

..yo, tommy..and can I say kemo sabay and hi ho silver?..:)

pakmat said...

..thank you, JM, for the's hoping...:)

Wan Sharif said...

I will be praying hard that the two lovebirds will have their places for haj this year.. and I have the resources to tompang sekaki..

Anonymous said...

You should be able to go, insyaAllah. If this is your first time (is it?), it will be totally cruel for TH not to allow you to go ... there may not be another opportunity.

By the way, tell your girl, her success in life is not measured by how many As she gets but what she will do with apa yang dia dah dapat. Dapat straight As tapi jadi kacang hantu, what's the use?

One last thing ... care to comment about Ibrahim Ali's latest boo hoo about a wife's duty? Precisely the reason women run away from Kelantanese males!


Zubaidah Arshad said...

Pakmat, send my regards (with an XOXO) to that bodyguard. Hehe