Thursday, 3 February 2011

...stock-taking, 2011..

with 6 cucus..taken a few days ago at my ex home..
...2nd daughter, Lina's birthday.. that we are all well into the new year, after the probationary month of January, its time for this coot take stock of what he's got..a profit and loss of sorts..the debits and the credits...., let's see...the movables and the immovables..statics and liquid..

..3 marriages and 2 divorces..14 children, 8 girls.. a son died at infancy..6 of them gainfully employed, 2 in colleges 1 awaiting spm, and 2 still at school..and an only son from the first marriage, 30 years old, an addict, forever giving problems to his mother and grandmother, not to mention his sisters..5 son-in-laws with the resultant 8 grandchildren..all under 7..

...not too bad, if I may say so, 1 bad nut out of 13..but still a dot, nonetheless.. eldest brother fast approaching senility...alone and lonely, living in a derelict room with his 10yr old grey tomcat named Yellow..we were 3 brothers born to Aminah and Hamid, with me being the youngest..2nd elder brother, in a better economic position, approaching 70,  sickly and pale but young wife expecting her 1st child..flukes do happened.....and a half sister in KL, not too happy with 3 adopted children and children in-laws..yet not able to bear her own children...
..eldest brother, Jo with his constant companion,
 an aged, grey cat, named Yellow..

.there is a saying in Malay that goes..where ever the feet is planted,  the sky is shouldered.

...the sky is Bachok, where I had my feet planted...on a piece of land given by my wife late father..upon which I build a home..and a house..with some cats, 5 children...2 stray chickens and a monkey..the mosques are too near for me not to heed the bilals' call to prayer..and the neighbours are too nice and generous for me to be otherwise...if there is any truth into the thinking that environment maketh the man, than I am Pakmat..shaped and moulded by my environment.....approaching 66 and, hopefully,  well on the road to redemption...

2 cucus in London... in everyone else's life, there are highs...and there are lows..I have taken the good along with the bad...and try to keep an equable stance, no matter the situation...even thought the horizon is getting nearer, there is no trepidation..for whatever our plans are...God disposes.. Tommy, Yuin Ting, Chuan, Pin, Ee Lynn, Way Fong, Way Lee, Uncle Lee, Pat and all of my friends, no matter the creed or race...Happy Chinese New Year...



Kama At-Tarawis said...

nice posting. bittersweet but nice..

mekyam said...

those are exceedingly great stocks you have in your extended portfolio, pakmat dear. esp the fresh ones in the pictures.

p.s. you "take stock" instead of doing the more passive "count blessing". respect!

hazeleyed lady said...

Wow! Bless you Pakmat.
Good day.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
After taking stock, where to go from now? purrr....meow!

Wishing for a visit to Bachok,

June Malik said...

alhamdulillah. cucu kat overseas tu cute betul

School Of Tots said...

Alhamdulillah Pak Mat. Take stock? or muhasabah diri, at the end jangan bersedih & banyakkan bersyukur. TQ Allah.

Oldstock said...

Since you mention take `stock', I have to comment la kan... hehe..

You got 8 grandchildren with more to come. Properly brought-up, they will all pray for you in the days when you are no longer around. That's a huge account in the positive side, in my book... take care old friend.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pakmat, tq for the greetings & likewise to u to.

I must say u really live a full life, most others would be happy to achieve half of what u had gone thru'. Well done old coot, u did it your way!!

takbest said...

soooooooo moved by your 3 latest posts... i am not good with words so i don't really know how or what to say here, but one thing i sure like is for you to keep on posting..

you take care

pakmat said...

..salam ladykama..and life is like that..:)..bitter and sweet..hehehe..

salam supposed we all have to take stocks sometime in our life..of wht we have..that we may not lament on what we dont have..

salam hazel..thanks..and you have a good day yourself..and take care of our health.. r most homestay at pakmat..minimal ayam, momok and mekbu with her brood await you...

pakmat said...

salam jun in jb...pak dia matsaller..lawa ler..:) hmm..should have married a caucasian masa laku dulu..:)

salam sot..hidup musti banyak

salam oldstock..but of course you must..for some of my stocks are, indeed, old..:)

hey, tommy..easy on the beijing duck and x0x0x0...must be able to walk the straight line home..but then its who cares...enjoy yourself, friend..

..salam takbest..not good with words?..your blog tells me otherwise..along with a way of handling that camera..cheers..and take care..jdbb..

STEEST said...

Hello Pak Mat

You really know how to stir up the best in me.

After reading your posts, I always have my moments thinking of who and where I am.

Always food for thought and provoking the senses.

Terima Kasih.

Tisa Fahmy said...

I like it Papa...for whatever things are still there with us..thank you.
Faithfully yours still.

Nur Misnan said...

salam pak mat... so sweetnya
yang best tuh sentiasa baik
dgn XX... hu3.. gurau yer pak mat
a salut u lah...

awyways.. cucu2 semua look so superb
xspecially kat london tuh.. kiss for her

anneaziz said...

Assalamu`alaikum Pakmat,

Your balance sheet all done, your P&L spread out in front of you, the ratios all worked out and analysed.....through all that, your tangible networth seems pretty good.

So say a prayer of thanks to GOD and let's hope the figures continue to improve.

pakmat said...

..salam steest..and a thank you to you, too..I always believed that one should sometimes open up the cupboards and gave all those skeletons an airing..let the sun drives away the gloom and stench..:)

salam nur..u r looking good take care..before you know it, a cucu to timang..

salam r right..doing the debits make me appreciate the credits..and as always, thank you Allah..

YuinTing said...

Thank you Pakmat. Thanks for your CNY greetings...and most importantly, thanks for sharing all your invaluable experiences with us!

pakmat said...

..thank you to you, too, yuin ting..take care..