Saturday, 12 February 2011

..give me my flowers while I'm living...

..seeing it is such a beautiful Saturday morning with the sun shining through intermittent clouds and temperature at a cool 26'C, I thought it is a good time as any to drop a hint to my children, ex-wives, wife and friends.. old country song, by the aptly named 'Aching Back String Band'...

..enjoy your life while you still can..count your blessings..for not much can be done once you are dead..

..for it is in this world that we need our flowers...
..a kind word to help us get along..


STEEST said...

This is very true. The title reminds me of what my mom-in-law once said. If you want to show you love me, do it while I'm alive and not when I'm dead.

It opened my eyes and taught me to appreciate my family while they are around.

Too often, I see people feeling regret for not having said "I love you" or for not giving flowers/gifts when they could.

When it was too late, it was too late.

So here's a flower for you.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

OK OK...Abe Mat, one truck of lillies coming your way. Oops...make sure Ayam doesn't eat them. purrr....meow!

June Malik said...

i love you, shd be said more often than not

Pat said...

Simply brilliant, Pak Mat! I so agree with you.

And I am also not someone who believes in 'paying one's last respects'. If you want to show someone you care about them - do it when they're alive and well. Not when they're dead, and can no longer hear you!

You get a lovely daisy from me, Pak Mat. If it wasn't out-lawed, I'd wish you something for the 14th February! But I can't. So, I won't. But you know I would if I could, no? ;)

Wan Sharif said...

I told my siblings that we have to show our love to our parent while they are alive.. kiss them, "chium" them , hug them while they are alive to feel the love... so that when the time come we do not have to wait for anyone.. true enough when my father's time came (Jan 2010)only my sister and mum were there.. They asked me whether they have to wait for my arrival.. I said no.. just proceed as time permit.. I did not get to see him on his last day but we have been hugging each other for the last 15 years whenever we visit each other..
Nice post abang Mat .. sure appreciate most if not all your posts/entries..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

so very true!!

pakmat said...


..thank you for the flowers and the bouquets..lilies are a no-no for cats..but I have to tell some of you that we muslims do not slipped flowers on our dead's fingers..and neither do we have them in caskets..but however we prepare our dead, it is nothing compared to what could have done for them when they are our late years, we need those flowers and kind words to help us along..lil acts of appreciation even if none is due..and it need not be costly or pecuniary..a smile, a visit..a word and a query..a call, an sms, even..or a bungkus of nasi kerabu..:)..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

In some Islamic society u wud never bring a sick person flowers & candies as we do in this country. Instead, u wud tell them a story of patience, endurance & triumph. The images such a tale wud plant in their awareness wud circulate thru' their souls just as powerfully as a medicinal elixir wud travel to the diseased cells by way of the blood stream. The more the story is considered, the more it can empower the body's own healing mechanisms - Richard Stone.
Pakmat, what's your view on the above?