Sunday, 12 December 2010

..the weather, hypermarkets and stuffs..

..the only thing predictable about the weather these days, is that it will this morning.. at about ten the clouds cleared and the sun burst through with all its glory and splendour..Kee-Ra, the monkey, peered through his hut and ran rings within his Mekbu's litter of four scampered and frolicked in the poor excuse of a garden, the wife contemplated a trip to Pasir Mas and Kota Bharu after Jumaat's solat..I agreed..I need to perk up my spirits a bit...and the children were restless..with the exams over, Auji is on the rebound with excess energy..

..but as we headed out of Bachok just after two in the afternoon, the western sky the time we made Kubang Kerian the sky opened up..the rain came in heavy pellets that pounded on the roof of cars...but the perky DJ on Radio Era kept our spirits up...

..we intend to hop hypermarkets, and we did..after a short trip to Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas, where the missus checked up on her catfish investment...I worry for her, it was against my advice..but so far she is getting her returns...

..first stop, Tesco, for Asr's solat..and to replenish my supply of Soups in a Mug..Tesco is number one in my list of has ample parking.. covered and free....with the suraus, one at each level, spacious and clean..

..but the surau in KB Mall is a has limited space and difficult  to access, being on the roof..the basement parking is ok, with the roof parking a wee bit risky..Auji wanted to get some skins and paraphelia for her netbook and I wanted to pick up an android phone ordered earlier..missus got herself a pair of slippers..

..solat Magrib was at Mydin Hypermarket, Kubang Kerian..where you have to pay for parking wtihin its vincity and a beautiful surau next to it has the pipes built low, a few inches above ground, more suitable for mini-midgets than an old coot like me..we had mee sizzling at the foodcourt..a son-in-law was the cook..and it was delicious..

.. it was just a slight drizzle when we were finally done and headed back for the time we reached home at almost 11.00 pm the rain the kids hurried in, I sauntered outside and took in the cool air..I looked up through the darkness and saw a constellation of stars..and saw an old friend peering down upon me.. the Big Dipper,  flickered through wisps of light, slivery clouds..

...hi, many before me looked up to you for guidance?..and how many after me will looked up to you in wonderment?...yours is eternity..while mine is drawing its end..


Wan Sharif said...

Enjoyable read.. hopping supermarket with descriptive write.. a damper for a melancholic? conclusion! Very nice..

Grandpa said...

Salam Bangmat, very keen to know how your catfish project turns out - we have a number of offers to join, but have been skeptical, even though the projected returns look pretty impressive (and tempting!)

pakmat said...

..thank you, did perk up my must do it also sometimes..cheers and take care.

.hi, far she is getting her returns on her investment of 5k..I really cannot say anything until she gets back her full amount, which is in a few months time..but have not heard any complains, so far..

Wan Sharif said...

Ha ha ha.. Hopping super and not so super markets
We (me and my wife) do it almost every weekend.. our routines
1st Pasar Basah 1.3 km from house for santan, ayam and ikan.. then go for breakfast somewhere else.
2nd If no fresh fish ..go to taman Putera.. if too expensive..
3rd Go NSK Selayang 20+ kmm away.. where fresh veggies and fish and other sundries are way much cheaper than in our place.
4th..small items for our children need.. go carrefour +2 km from house.
5th for my invalid MIL special need.. go to Tesco 4- 5km away..
Any missing veggies or sundries go SEGI 3km away..
IF refuse to go anywhere.. GO directly to jail (in monopoly)
That would normally be done Saturday.. and would at time spill-over to Sunday.. perk up your spirits you say.. lengoh betih buleh.. ha ha..

pakmat said...

..than your weekend is fuller than mine..and it has been sometimes since I last go directly to jail..! thank you for the reminder..hope it is still somewhere around the house..
..but you have too many choices there..from segi to carrefour..and the pasar basah..and whatever pasars that cropped up like mushroom after take care..maybe will call you for breakfast next week..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun!

I finally dragged myself to the hypermart today to replenish some stuff that I need. I was so exhausted after having to navigate through the crowds buying school stuff, avoid kids running around with half-laden trolleys and not forgetting, fighting for parking space. Arrrggghhhh!

pakmat said...

..I have grown lazy, zen..end of year blues..a holiday in kl perked things up a bit..but now back in bachok..its lethargy all the way..