Tuesday, 7 December 2010

..a procrastinator, that's me..

..he who procrastinate is a thief of time..an Arab saying that I got from Dato' AKJ's blog..whose blog I surfed early in the morning on the !st of  Muharam, 1432..

...in a way, I have always been a thief..for I just loved to postpone things, even during my governmental days..I thought I  worked well under pressure..but it was an illusion, of course..an excuse to put off things until the very last minute..procrastinators, I soon learned, will do anything just so they can avoid doing what they are supposed to do..like in these video..

..so it was that when things turned a lil bit sour with my third wife, I turned on the delaying tactics.. not really addressing the issues at hand..hoping that it would blow over in time..but nothing blows over if you do not face it squarely....I did everything but faced it..she got mad and asked me to divorce her through the phone..which prompted me to do something right for once..I prayed two rakaat of special solat...it calmed me..and later I told her in a measured voice that as we did not marry through the phone, there is no reason why we should  end it through one..video-call or otherwise..it must have calmed her a bit as she brought down her tone...

..the next day I submitted the relevant divorce papers ...a month later we walked up the stairs of the Kadi's Office together, where a solemn face Syariah Officer bore witness as I pronounced I, pakmat, hereby divorce thee with one talak..

..salam Muharam, everyone..



Wan Sharif said...

Salam Maal Hijrah to you too.. getting too close .. to the laundry?

jitraman said...

Salam Pak Mat,

Here's hoping Allah s.w.t. will give the same Ilham to us, whenever we face life's adversities.

pakmat said...

..salam PakWan..yes..very near the washing..:)..we all need a good scrub every now and then..:)

..insyaAllah, jitraman..God willing..take care..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pakmat,

Funny how u should admit to be a procrastinator, I'm a bit like that too but I like to think of myself as being a patience man as in this another Arabian proverb...kekeke;

'Patience is the key of joy but haste is the key to sorrow.' :))


pakmat said...

..you tend to be one as you grow older, tommy..1. lack of energy..2.hoping you can procrastinate growing old..

Anonymous said...

pak mat..do you know someone called tok ayah (but he's just 36) in bachok or kubang kerian?

Max J. Potter said...

i used to procrastinate. i still do..sometimes. XD haha.

salam muharam to you, too, pakmat!

and uh..thanks, for the link!

pakmat said...

..salam AVVA..no, I dont think I know him..but welcome to my blog..

..salam Max..tg for the Muharram wish..and you dont have to thank me of the link..consider me a fan..:) cheers..take care..