Saturday, 5 June 2010

...a trip back to

..there was this urge to go to Kuala Trengganu yesterday..Auji mentioned something about the Crystal Mosque and Taman Temaddun Islam...I looked at the time..10.30 am..hmm..I can target to have the Friday prayers at the new mosque Penarik..and Wan Sharif of Minyak Gaz is from Pulau Duyung..and for all the years I was in Trengganu, I had never been there..before I could say yes, lets go..the children were in the car..a hug and a kiss, and the wife agreed..but it was 11.15 am when we left..

..we were a bit early for Friday prayers when we arrived it was ICT  time, ikan celup tepong, a kilometer from Penarik just after Petronas filling station..pakmat's favorite pitstop when taking the coastal road to KT..

..I found the new mosque at Penarik airy and spacious as against the wooden structure it replaced...I would rate Trengganu as the land of beautiful mosques..they dotted the land...some quaint..and some imposing...

the children were captivated by the multicoloured fishing boats lining the shore, Tok Bari..most were of fibre-glass..looking modern and sleek..

..the stadium where the sky fell..the sight of it was too much to we detoured a little and took some shots..shouldn't they have it up and running again?...

..Chinatown, old K.T..I  loved it..seeing those old building all done up and painted..somewhat like Jonker Street..memories of my time in KT from 1974 to 1981 rushed back...the town has changed..its a city now..vibrant and alive..almost awe-inspiring..its clean, its neat..and its a beautiful blend of the old and new...I could almost see monorails and is fast becoming a modern city..with all the amenities one associates with it..Kelantan and Kota Bharu have been outpaced..

..the Crystal Mosque..not as grand as I expected..I thought the royal mosque in Kuala Kangsar is more imposing..

..but for Masjid Abidin, it was as it was...calm, royal, and peaceful..painted all looks almost was Masjid Hiliran..wellkept and neat..and painted yellow...
..the grand columns of Masjid Abidin..(I left the girls at Dataran Syahbandar..there was an Ekspo Pertanian going on and they wanted to pick up some souvenirs)..I parked the car at the back of the mosque and entered from the back for my Asr prayers..remembering the times, 35 years ago, the Friday prayers there..

..enjoying the spoils from the Ekspo Pertanian..I searched for akok berlauk and akok manis..and found ony the manis...years ago there was a lady in Kuala Ibai at the 007 keropok lekor stall whose akok manis was the best for pakmat..we went there later..but it was closed...

..the girls wanted to see the airport..I detoured a little on way back and had our magrib at a surau by the side of the airport..and later, a stop at SukaRamai, Batu Rakit for some keropok lekor..its lekor beats Losong...

p.s..we did made a stopover at Pulau Duyung..drove around it narrow roads...made inquiries about Pak Hassan's home stay..but we did not take any time...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
That ICT stall - it is the one called Warong Sri Menanti, isn't it? Not just the ikan, also the squid celup tepung and coconut juice....yummmm.... you just made my Mama green with envy and homesick. purrr....meow!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Pakmat, I just love this go with the flow impromptu type of family trip, no great expectations, come what may, everything is a bonus so no disappointments, betul tak? I see u had been taking a fair few of this sort of trips lately.Good onya!!

Hahaha actually horr by a fluke of good luck, that stadium ruins had actually put KT on the map. Great for tourism Ganu. Every Tom, Dick & Harry wanna stop to have a photo taken for reason only God knows why?


Justiffa said...

Salam pakmat.. i agree with TY, impromptu trips can be a lot more fun.. too much planning kills the excitement somehow lol.

Talking of mosques, what do u think of the masjid 3 benua in rantau panjang?

ozz said...

Hi Pakmat,
Nice story and pics.
I guess it is time for me to do another " A Terengganu Re-visited".

pakmat said... dear even remembered the name??sheesh, u r more nostalgic than me..:)

..hi, tommy..I dunno lah, tommy..these days I became restless..maybe its this adropause thingy..:)

..hi, justi..thats one mosque I have not been..sheesh, malu lah..will visit it in a few days time..ado bekwoh disana..meantime you take care..glad that golfman runs with u..:)

hi, lah..about time..but looks like u r enjoying yourself in jagkarta..hmm..tight jeans every which way u look?..cheers..for in bachok its sarong every where you looked..hehhe..

Oldstock said...

Salam Pakmat,

I really agree with you about Terengganu being the land of beautiful mosques... except that the crystal one sort of spoilt things a bit.

Seems like even you could not resist taking a pic at that stadium. What's taking them so long to clear things up, I wonder? The state govt should do something for god's sake... the stadium carries the Agong's name!

Wan Sharif said...

Salam Abe Mat,
Wow to get a mention or an intro in your entry is enough to make my week..
Sorry for not commenting earlier.. was in Trengganu on Saturday till Tuesday.. I would not forgive myself if AbeMat was in KT on Saturday.. I was there from 8:30 a.m. till late evening entertaining my Mum and sis..
Nice to get feedback on Trengganu from someone else.. As always I could not even moved.. my mum was very eager to update me on her activities/her stories (she just have an eye operation), listening to my sis side of stories .. well it was long time I did not meet them, since Middle January, after the 7 days kenduri for my late father demise on 11 Jan 2010..
Will be looking at the your photos again kalau saya rindu kat KT..serious!!

yushida03 said...

ahah. at least i know the sukaramai.. :)

pakmat said...

..salam oldstock..agree with you about the seemed such a shame..ditto the crystal mosque..but will always be in love withs trengganu..beautiful beaches and friendly ppl..

..salam wan..missed u by day..:) until the next time..would like to do duyong properly..cheers..

pakmat said...

..salam yus..well, who doesn't, this side of the country?..:)