Wednesday, 2 September 2009

..facial mask and Ramadhan Bazaar..

..not having much to do during the Merdeka holidays, I thought perhaps it was the proper time for me to check up on the Ramadhan Bazaar at Beris Kubur Besar, Bachok..I heard there is a young couple there who operates a fish-grill stand..grilling mainly torpedo scads..ikan cencaru..topped with sambal..and they are attracting the crowds daily..seemed that their grilled torpedoes are out of this world.. will be crowdy, the missus warned..but I was prepared for that, showing her my newly picked, it was not the N-series, but good enough..and so, armed with a facial-mask, I left for the bazaar..

.the missus was right, as she usually was..there was nowhere to park and the crowd was bumper-to-bumper..but I waded in..zeroing towards the torpedoes..the smell of grilled fish and smoke and a myriad of other smells overwhelmed..even through my facial-mask..I raised my hand to adjust it.

..and then it hit me...wham! ..I froze in my tracks..scanned the crowd slowly..a gradual pan with my right artificial lense..I was the odd one one was wearing facial-masks..except this old wonder that sweet young thing gave me a lingering a sea of anxious and hungry faces, I was the only Zorro in reverse..what the heck.. happened?..what happened to the sometimes swine-flu, sometimes H1N1 scare?..I thought the number of deaths were mounting..there was even a suggestion that the government declare a state of emergency..

..I bought my fish and slowly beat a retreat..


rizal hashim said...

Hahahahahahah, my God, one of your most embarrassing moments I assume...hehehehe...I can imagine the scenario! and the looks you elicit...

pakmat said...

..yes, LC..and I thought the syt(sweet young thing) were attracted to my debonair and matured looks..