Wednesday 11 April 2012

..the journey in pictures..part one..Makkah before Arafat....

..friends, neighbours and relatives a visiting before departure..

..Kuala Terengganu Airport..

..first view of Jeddah..

..the clock tower from our Maktab..2 km away..

..the march to Haram..

..resting in between prayers..

..Hilton Towers..

..Haram's maintenance crew..

..the walk back after isyak..along Ibrahim Khalil Road..

..pakmat found a lot of cats in Makkah..

.. a room mate died before completing the Haj..solat jenazah after solat subuh..

..camels we found on the way back to maktab after burial in Sharaya..

..Makkah suburbs..

..Haji Mahmood, a fireman from Syria..

..the road to Arafat..