Monday 26 September 2011

..pakmat, lc and the haj..

     Sports blogger, Rizal Hashim, of blog Loose Canon,  (read his blog here) is a much traveled is in the nature of his job that he covers the globe...and pakmat would follow his blog and travels with a tinge of here is a young man who has made the world as his playground, and pakmat is still peering hesitatingly from under his coconut-shell..a glitch early in my career had removed my right to a passport and along with it the right to travel..but I have made Bachok as my place for atonement and so quietly I quelled whatever travel itch that I had.. at gate 85, MasjidillHaram..with his daughter, son and nephew..
enjoying a snack with wife, no doubt, the photographer..pic taken
from his blog..'tanpa izin'..

..there was a time, on reading my blog, he suggested that I make a trip to London, where my 3rd daughter is. He must have been tickled that I know so much about the city and yet not been there...and  I said, nay..there is a journey I have to make first..there is a  little flame that was burning in my heart unheeded until it turned into a raging fire that I found impossible to ignore or prayers were unto Him, along with my tears that kept on supressing the despair..and the hopelessness of it all..but throughout I kept my faith in Him..for man will always proposed..and God disposes...

....I am going to make that journey now, lc..God listens..and God grants according to His, maybe I will not have that ikan dory..or meet Kanoute, but I will be there at Masjidil-Haram, and tawaf the Kaabah, if He so Wills it..and if He so Wills it, I will saie from Sofa to Marwah....and wukuf at Arafat...and I will cry out with the rest of them, Labaikallah humma I am, Lord, Your servant...