Saturday, 9 June 2012

..children and wakil rakyat..

..the bridge near pakmat's home..decorated with flags..

...conversations these days tend to gravitate towards politics...and, most times, pakmat will steer clear from them, not wanting be dragged into a whirlpool of agitations...although I have my opinions on them, I rather not  be entangled into such discussions..but once in a while, these village folks asked questions that set this coot's mind into one day, at Chuan, the goldsmith's shop, this Pak Haji, who interrupted my reverie with thestaronline, with, 'What would you looked for in a Wakil Raayat?'..

..I would, of course, rather talk about my most coots do..and I realised then, that I have 3 children in the city of KL, a son and two daughters...there is nothing special about that...almost everyone these days have children in KL...but pakmat's three are all of different mothers, with the two girls my eldest and youngest and the son my number ninth child who is also my third son...they are on my family list on fb, through which I am kept abreast of their going-ons..

..but I try not to impose my political views on my children..or extol the virtues of polygamy..but I will tell them whom I am voting for..and why... to what would I looked for in a people representative...I would rather he not be a is easy to lie when you are one..


Makji Esah said...

So, men with more than one wife, kaki kelepet lah Pak Mat?

pakmat said... just missed the ribs there, mak aji..hehehe...but we do try to avoid confrontations..and its easier to fib then to face off..

Wan Sharif said...

Cool ;)

Makji Esah said...

Then my dear Pak Mat, it is better to re word 'lies' to an act to ' avoid confrontations' kan...? alasan org laki kan macam tu? Having said that sometimes mom and dad pun ada masalah yg sama, tak nak bagi anak2 kena la 'tipu' sikit...

Seorang Blogger said...

whether more than one wife (discretely or not), or one and only love.. all politicians lie!!
when i was in primary school, i was taught a pantun..

Salam pakmat, ;-)

pakmat said...

..yes, Abe
..and Makji..polygamy itself is a confrontational act..
.. Seorang Blogger...mencuri dulu...baru jadi menteri..:)..