Tuesday, 21 September 2010

..having children..

..its easy to have children..given the right circumstances, it could even be acutely pleasurable..whether once weekly or twice weakly..it doesn't matter..these days, you don't even need a husband, or a wife..but bringing them up is another cup of tea altogether..for nothing is more time-consuming, energy-sappy and resources-draining than bringing up children...we spent our money on them..we kept tabs..but we seldom keep tag..

..so, how much does a parent spend on each child up to SPM level?..a period of 17 years..if we were to put an average of  RM10.00 per day per child, ( a conservative sum, even by Bachok standard), then RM10 x 30 x 12 x17 = RM61,000.00 per child..pakmat have more than a dozen..but if we averages 4 children per family, then it is RM244, 000..not counting other costs, of course...things like medical and transport..or recreational cost..

..and after all those hectic years, and money spent, there is still no guarantee that they will turned out the way we want them to be..the rate of satisfaction is negligible, at best..for children have their own mind about what they want to be..if they want to be anything  at all..and parents' stations in life have little bearing on how they will turn out in the later years..

..I remember a lowly police constable who was the driver to his Chief..drew a lowly pay of RM240.00 per month, then... stayed in a Class 'G' barracks which had only one bedroom, yet his sons completed their education at university level, while his Chief two sons were drug addicts..

.. there is even a study by a Harvard professor, no less, a certain Danial Gilbert, who concluded that marital satisfaction decreases dramatically after the birth of the first child..and increases only after the last child left home..but closer home, Bachok, especially, we were led to believe that marital satisfaction is at its peak after the birth of the first child..personally, I noticed that my wives are at their most attractive and sexiest after delivering  their first child...there is this glow, a certain sheen to the skin and hair that oozes sex appeal..and the second child followed soon after..

..but no matter how you look at it..it takes a special woman that can take up the role of a mother..a special woman, indeed, who prefers motherhood..to Rhonda's choice..

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Wan Sharif said...

Rhonda's choice.. just like they said it is good while it last.. When Rhoda reaches our age ..she will not have the satisfaction of hearing the scampering of those small feet..

June Malik said...

good one pak mat, i love the baby blues strips, its close to home at times :)

Zendra-Maria said...

And that was why our Prophet said "Love your, love your mother, love your mother, and then your father"...

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Abe Mat,
Do you consider Ayam one of your children too? purrr....meow!

Anonymous said...

salam pakmat you sure it's because of the glowing skin, not the naturally enhanced D-cups?

i'm sure the harvard study cannot be applied to every society, where material and family values differ..

one particular dr in Manchester :)

pakmat said...

..salam, friends..what is life without the scampering of small feet..?

wan sharif..I think its a matter of choice..and I read of those who neutered themselves rather then have children..

jm..baby blues will always be a fav of mine..:)

zee..I missed my mother, zee..

cis..but, of course, she is..cant imagine my life without her..

hi, doc in Manchester..(I know you..:))....that, too..cheers..

sot said...

Hmm...RM60k per kid up to SPM level. I know one guy who asked his kid to pay him by installment when the kid start having a job.

Note: "Ikhlas" has a price to pay.