Sunday, 23 August 2009

..on the eve of Ramadhan..

..and so, that night, on the eve of Ramadhan, he sat along with the other members of the mosque..awaiting the bilal's call to terawih..

..his mind flew back to a similar night a year ago..when he had raised his hands in prayer.. seeking from his one and only God, Allah..

''O Allah...

..grant me the time and the space that I may savour this Holy Month of peace and in harmony..with my family and Muslim brethren...and forgive me my sins..

..grant me the will to be charitable that I might seek from You Your bounty.... the grace to overlook and forgive others' faults..that You may overlook and forgive mine...let me be magninamous that I may seek from You Your blessings..

..and as I rested my body from food during the fast, rest also my mind from dwelling too much on worldly pursuits..fill my nights with Your Light and my days with Your Guidance...

.. accept all the little deeds that I have done..that I may strived to do more..

..above all, O Allah, accept my repentance.. I have commited great sins..and You are The Great Forgiver..."

..and again that night, he raised his hands in prayer..that Allah may grant him the space and the time for him to savour yet another Ramadhan...InsyaAllah...God Willing...

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juk said...

Salam Pak Mat,

Selamat berpuasa & beribadah di bulan Ramadan yg berkat ini. I am sorry to bother you again. Could u please type my feed URL i.e. '' under the blog list heading, not the link heading. By correcting this error, my latest post will appear in your blog list. Thanks a lot Pak Mat. I wish u nice day ahead.

Cikgu Zuki