Tuesday, 14 July 2009

..today's music..

..this oldster is never into present day music..even the rare ones that raised above the miasma of forgettables are forgotten after a while..music that emanated from my sons' room only resulted in me bellowing to them to bring the volume down...with them complaining to their mother that father 'is so old'.. well, old I might be, but this old man recognises good music when he hears one..

..and one good music of my time is Matt Monroe's 'And the music played'.. the title is a bit bland by today's standard, but the song and delivery is beyond description..but, then, you be the judge..


Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Afah,

No offense but Matt Monroe is way too old for me. The furthest I dare go of a singer I like is maybe Engelbert Humperdink :-)

I dig current days songs too, but a bit selective, of course, preferring the lady singers. Christina Aguilera is one of my favourites. But don't tell my wife, heheheh.

rizal hashim said...

Afah, thanks for uploading this song, a melodious one no doubt. I agree, good music is everlasting, it is unfortunate today's generation does not dig deep into the archives, symptomatic of our society yang tidak celik sejarah...through songs and the lyrics, we are exposed to the English language, the culture. I've listened to matt monroe before because my late mum had tons of LPs and my maternal grandpa loved music pakai gramophone, lepas tu cartridge, cassette, CD...i grew up listening to neil sedaka, dusty springfield, jugak hahaha

afah said...

.Oldstock..agreed, a bit old..but then, I am old..and when it comes to music and stuff, the mrs is never told..he..he..

..lc..dig neildaysedaka,huh?..hmm..a bit out of character for today's gen..but u not a conformist, r u?