Sunday, 9 September 2018

.in the perspective of a wheelchair

..confined to wheelchair it will not be long before you realised several things... mainly that most things are out of your reach..but, then, things, especially syt's had always been out of reach since I was 60 and relatively healthy... now pushing 74. . its arm's length.. but I'm grateful, nonetheless.. it's not so much about the quality of life.. it's making do with what we have.. which is little.. I try not to complain about my incapabilites.. but rather to be grateful on the little things that I can do.. it's hard when you cannot excrete on your own.. but at least I still can, per and poo.. Praised be to Allah..You taught me to be humble.. You give me the days and the reflect and to ponder.. unable to walk, You keep my mind free.. for You are the Most Loving.. the Most Gracious.. 
.. thank you, Allah..


Oldstock said...

Salam Pakmat. I'm happy to see that you have returned to blogging under the encouragement of our common blogger friend, Pak Zawi. I've not been posting regularly myself but I hope to remain in blogosphere as long as I can. Putting down my thoughts in a blog post is very much different from posting on FB.

I have this wish of meeting as many as my blogger friends as I can. I have already met a few, Pak Zawi being one of them. You are among the top in the list of those I have yet to meet. Please hang in there. May Allah swt grant you good health and ease any suffering..

manlaksam. said...

semoga sihat selalu. aaminn.

acu yuhan said...

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